Diamond Engagement Ring

Finding a diamond engagement ring is an occasion that is fraught with pressure for several men. The paradox lies in choosing the ring of her dreams while keeping the upcoming proposal a secret – a nearly impossible job for a mere mortal. Below are great tips in choosing the best diamond engagement ring while maintaining the details of the proposal a secret.

Consider it

Does your girlfriend wear more gold or silver jewelry? Does she choose basic, stylish jewelry pieces or flashy, eye-catching items? If you haven’t been paying attention, the time has come to start.

TR128__71525.1462765823.190.285Consider the Hint

Most women will drop hints about their tastes if they suspect you’re thinking of of proposing. If she leaves jewelry catalogs or bridal magazines at home, check to see which pages are dog-eared when she’s away from home. If she stops at a jewelry display to exclaim over engagement rings, make a mental note of the pattern of the diamond and whether the band is platinum or gold.

In case you can’t find the ring size on the inside of the band of her favorite ring and are worried she’ll discover it’s missing if you take it to the jeweler, put it on your own finger as far as it will go, mark the spot with an ink pen, and go to the jeweler for help identifying the size. Be sure you pick a ring that she wears on her ring finger!

Enlist the Help of Her Brother or Best Male Friend

It’s not realistic to expect that your soon-to-be fiancée’s sisters or female friends won’t tell her your secret. Even though they merely hint at the upcoming proposal, you’ll be under considerably more pressure if your girlfriend figures out what’s coming. Because of solidarity, you have a greater chance of keeping secrecy if you get details about her ring size and choices from the other men in her life.

Choose the Band, the Setting, and the Design Before You Select a Diamond

Once you find out what the offering a free engagement ring guide should look like, you can focus on the 4 Cs of diamonds: color, cut, clarity, and carat.

If all else fails, a diamond solitaire engagement ring is definitely the best option. Since this is the classic engagement ring setting, they instantly find your beloved as betrothed. They are not only lovely but luxurious and are the perfect ring for her to show off to her family and friends. When purchasing a round diamond solitaire, pay particular focus to the setting; four prongs show more of the diamond, but six make the stone more secure. If the solitaire is too simple a style for your girlfriend’s personality, look at a setting with one smaller diamond on each side to enhance the center diamond. If your girlfriend is more contemporary than traditional, she might want a solitaire in a shape other than the traditional round, such as princess (square) or pave (numerous diamonds placed close together).

Do Not Forget that You’re Making an Investment

Your investment is in the ring itself, not only your future together, so make sure to protect your investment with jewelry insurance.